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    Wild Animals Theme Sensory Play Set. Pretend Play. Sensory exploration

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    Unleash the wild adventures with our Wild Animals Sensory Play Set – the ultimate pretend play experience that sparks imagination and sensory exploration in children! This all-inclusive set is your ticket to the untamed world of the animal kingdom.

    Inside, you'll find 12 lifelike animal figurines, each ready to join your child on exciting journeys of make-believe. These figurines invite immersive storytelling, encouraging creativity and cognitive development.

    But that's not all. Dive your hands into our unique yellow kinetic sand, mimicking the texture of real deserts where these animals dwell. The tactile satisfaction and endless sculpting possibilities will keep your child captivated for hours.

    Add a dash of realism to the fun with our animal track play dough stamps. They offer an authentic touch as kids create tracks and trails, enhancing their understanding of animal habitats and movement.

    The adventure continues with a patch of faux grass and fine brown sand, providing the perfect backdrop for your child's imaginative play. Set up scenes, build habitats, and let the animals roam in their natural environments.

    Why opt for our Wild Animals Sensory Play Set?
    - Inspire imaginative play: The diverse animal figurines stimulate creativity and storytelling.
    - Promote sensory exploration: Kinetic sand, play dough stamps, grass, and fine sand engage multiple senses, supporting cognitive development.
    - Safe and non-toxic: All components are child-friendly and free from harmful chemicals.
    - Educational play: Encourage learning about animal habitats, tracks, and the natural world.

    Unlock the wilderness for your child and set their imagination free. Our Wild Animals Sensory Play Set is the perfect blend of fun and education. Order now and embark on adventures that are both thrilling and enriching!

    SENSORY TRAY is not include. It is available for purchase here


      Playset Include:

      🎈1 storage box

      🎈12 animal figurines

      🎈500g of high quality kinetic sand

      🎈250g of food grade coloured rice ( can be cooked and edible)

      🎈9 animal track play dough stamps 

      🎈 4 packets of play dough (random colours)

      🎈2 rollers

      🎈1 bottle of fine sand (random colour from blue, green or brown) 250g

      🎈1 grass patch


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      Wild Animals Theme Sensory Play Set. Pretend Play. Sensory exploration