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    Wooden Afternoon Tea & High Tea Set Kitchen Pretend Play

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    Let their imagination brew with our wooden Wooden Afternoon Tea & High Tea Set - a delightful playtime treat while unleashing their inner host in a charming way to entertain and play!

    Our Wooden Afternoon Tea & High Tea Set Kitchen Pretend Play affords your child the opportunity to engage in imaginative play while honing their social skills. Crafted from premium quality wood, these toys for role play set features intricate details that are sure to captivate your little one's imagination. Get ready for hours of tea-sipping fun with an assortment of cups and saucers, a teapot, spoons- all the accoutrements necessary for hosting a proper afternoon tea party. More than just playtime, our Wooden Afternoon Tea & High Tea Set Kitchen Pretend Play is an avenue through which children can develop themselves and empathise better with others as they learn about manners, etiquette, sharing and responsibility. The durability of this exquisite set ensures it will last through years' worth of make-believe parties without losing its shine or elegance. Encourage your child's artistic expression with the stunningly designed wooden afternoons tea set!

    • Stimulates cognitive development by introducing children to the concept of tea time while encouraging them to learn about different types of food and beverages
    • Enhances sensory exploration as kids touch, smell, and taste various items in the set, developing their senses through play
    • Fosters emotional intelligence by allowing children to role-play social interactions with others during tea time, teaching them empathy and cooperation
    • Promotes language skills as kids engage in conversation over a "cuppa," expanding their vocabulary and communication abilities through imaginative play
    • Encourages imaginative play and creativity in children, helping them develop problem-solving skills
    • Helps enhance fine motor skills as children practice pouring tea or arranging the mini cakes on the tray while playing with this beautiful wooden set
    • Made from high-quality wood, ensuring durability and longevity for long-term use

    Material: Wood
    Box size: high tea set - 28.7*24*10.5cm, afternoon tea set - 27*23*8.7cm
    Product size: please refer to image
    Weight: high tea set - 1kg, afternoon tea set - 0.86kg 
    Include: please refer to image

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    Wooden Afternoon Tea & High Tea Set Kitchen Pretend Play