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    Wooden Alphabet & Number Learning Cards. Montessori Children Toy

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    Unlock the power of learning with our Wooden Alphabet & Number Learning Cards - where fun meets education, and playtime becomes a brain-boosting adventure!

    Introduce your child to the wonders of language and numbers with our Wooden Alphabet & Number Learning Cards. Our Montessori-inspired toy set is designed to provide a fun, interactive learning experience for children while also aiding in their cognitive development. Each card features a beautifully crafted wooden block with intricately carved letters or numbers that fit perfectly into the puzzle board. As they play, your child will develop fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination and improve their ability to identify letters and numbers- setting them up for academic success in years to come! Made from high-quality wood materials, this durable toy promises endless learning opportunities that both you and your little ones will absolutely cherish!

    • Enhance early childhood education with this Montessori inspired learning set, featuring wooden blocks that help children learn the alphabet and numbers
    • Made from high quality materials, these wooden cards provide a durable and eco friendly alternative to plastic toys
    • Develop fine motor skills and problem solving abilities as your child works through the alphabet and number puzzles on each card
    • Encourage creativity and imagination by using these versatile cards in a variety of games, activities, or even as decorative accents for your child's room

    This learning set is designed to allow children to learn through simple play. This is a A to Z, 1-10 animals alphabet & number wooden blocks with corresponding colourful thick cards. It also comes with a colourful tin box for easy storage. Puzzle has rich and colourful content specially designed to captivate children's attention and interest.  

    Material of this puzzle is made of high and durable quality for lasting play. Edges are smooth and burr free for the safety and comfort of your kids. The sizes of each letter and number are also designed to fit comfortably in your little one's hands. Each card is 0.2cm thick with grove to fit the matching letter or number in place. All cards are double sided printed with colourful and rich content to help children to remember the letter or number with the animals in the corresponding scene better. Parents can also help to engage the children by telling a simple story with the letter cards. This can assist in the memory re-enforcement and knowledge retention. 

    Material: Wood and Cardboard. Tin for storage box.

    Product size: 25.5* 18.6* 6.2cm

    Weight: 1.2 kg


    🎈36 cards

    🎈36 wooden alphabet/number pieces

    🎈1 tin storage

    🎈1 box

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    Wooden Alphabet & Number Learning Cards. Montessori Children Toy

    $29.90 SGD
    $19.90 SGD