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    Wooden Barn Complete Farm Play Pretend Play Children Gift

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    Introducing our enchanting Wooden Barn Pretend Play Playset – a timeless toy designed to spark imagination and cultivate essential developmental skills in your little one. Crafted with care and precision, this two-story wooden barn is a versatile play land filled with delightful features.

    Key Features:

    Openable Roof and Sides: Watch as your child's eyes light up with joy when they discover the wooden barn's roof and sides can be opened, providing easy access to the charming interiors. This feature enhances playability and encourages exploration and pretend play.

    Interactive Wooden Fence and Ladder: Enhance the play experience with the included wooden fence and ladder, enabling your child to create engaging scenarios and enrich their storytelling pretend play adventures within the barn setting.

    Threadable Wooden Animals: Unleash creativity with eight adorable wooden animals that can be threaded together using the included threading tool. This threading activity not only develops fine motor skills but also promotes cognitive development as your child explores patterns and sequences.

    Wooden Truck with Hay: Take playtime to the next level with the wooden truck carrying a load of hay. This addition adds a realistic touch to farm-themed play, inspiring imaginative scenarios and fostering a love for creative storytelling.

    Shape Sorting Holes: Engage your child's problem-solving skills with shape sorting holes on the sides of the barn. This feature encourages cognitive development as little ones match corresponding shapes and colors, making learning a joyful part of play.

    Educational Benefits:

    Fine Motor Development: The threading tool and shape sorting holes promote the development of fine motor skills, enhancing your child's ability to manipulate objects with precision.

    Cognitive Skills: The shape sorting activity encourages cognitive development, as your child learns to recognize and match shapes, fostering early problem-solving abilities.

    Imaginative Play: With a two-story design, openable roof and sides, and a variety of accessories, this wooden barn playset becomes the backdrop for endless imaginative play, promoting creativity and storytelling.

    Material: Wood

    Box size: 20.7*17.5*15.5cm

    Product size: please refer to image

    Weight: 710g

    Include: please refer to image

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    Wooden Barn Complete Farm Play Pretend Play Children Gift

    $29.90 SGD
    $25.90 SGD