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    Wooden Clock Time Learning Toy. Educational Montessori Math

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    Teach time the timeless way with our Montessori-inspired wooden clock - where learning meets play.

    Experience the joy of learning time with our Wooden Clock Telling Time Learning Toy - a perfect educational tool that is Montessori inspired. Crafted from high-quality wood, this exquisite clock toy is designed to stimulate your child's curiosity and enhance their mathematical ability. The easy-to-read clock face features large numbers and clear markings, facilitating an interactive experience where children learn how to tell time through hands-on practice. Our wooden clock also encourages cognitive development while providing a fun-filled learning environment for kids of all ages. Bring home our Wooden Clock Telling Time Learning Toy today and watch as your little ones dive into the exciting world of math!

    • Our Wooden Clock Telling Time Learning Toy is a Montessori inspired educational toy that helps children learn to tell time and develop their math skills in a fun and interactive way
    • Made of high quality wood, this learning toy is built to last and will provide hours of entertainment for your child while also encouraging cognitive development
    • With its simple design and easy to use features, the Wooden Clock Telling Time Learning Toy is perfect for young learners who are just starting to explore the world of numbers and time keeping
    • Whether you're looking for an engaging gift for a young child or want to add some fun educational toys to your classroom or homeschool curriculum, our wooden clock offers endless possibilities for creative play and learning

    Wooden clock for telling time is one of the most interesting learning toys. This Montessori inspired kids pendulum clock is an EASY & FUN way to learn clock numbers, different shapes, colours, minutes & hours, set time with arrows, tell the AM/PM or the weather of the day, and simply have A LOT OF FUN.

    Learning toys are still TOYS in kids eyes. Enjoy your time with your children while teaching them with this Wooden clock. Material of this toy is made from high and durable quality for lasting play. Edges are smooth and burr free for the safety and comfort of your children. The size of each piece is also designed to fit comfortably in your little one's hands.

    Material: Wood

    Product size: 30*20*5 cm

    Weight: 800 g


    🎈1 Wood Clock board

    🎈 12 blocks with clock numbers 1-12 in different shapes with corresponding spelling of the numbers on other side.

    🎈 4 cubes for showing time in digital formal 

    🎈 1 rectangle block showing AM/PM

    🎈 1 rectangle block showing today's weather

    🎈 2 arrows

    🎈 1 box

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    Wooden Clock Time Learning Toy. Educational Montessori Math

    $24.90 SGD
    $19.90 SGD