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    Wooden Discovery Sensory Blocks for Early Learning

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    Experience the wonder of early learning with our Wooden Discovery Sensory Blocks - where hand-eye coordination meets sensory development in a beautiful wooden world.

    Introducing our Wooden Discovery Sensory Blocks, perfect for nurturing your child's early learning development. Crafted from high-quality wood and designed to stimulate hand-eye coordination and sensory perception, these blocks are an excellent addition to any playroom or nursery. Each block features unique textures, colors, and patterns that will engage your little one's senses while promoting essential cognitive skills such as problem-solving and fine motor control. Invest in the future of your child's education with these beautifully crafted sensory blocks today!

    • The Wooden Discovery Sensory Blocks promote early learning and hand eye coordination in children
    • These blocks are perfect for sensory development, helping young minds to explore their senses through touch and sight
    • Made from high quality wood, these durable blocks are built to last, providing hours of educational playtime for your child
    • With the Wooden Discovery Sensory Blocks, your child will develop critical thinking skills while having fun and engaging with the world around them

    Wooden discovery blocks or young toddlers and babies. Children can train hand eye coordination through playing with this blocks. Sensory and tactile development is also enhanced through play. These blocks are made from FSC certified wood and non toxic water based stain.

    Material: FSC certified Wood

    Product size: 18*18*5cm

    Weight: 0.6kg


    🎈7 blocks with motif

    🎈3 blocks with balls/ bells

    🎈1 mirror block

    🎈1 block with colourful acrylic stones

    🎈1 storage tray

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    Wooden Discovery Sensory Blocks for Early Learning

    $26.90 SGD
    $18.90 SGD