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    Wooden Kaleidoscope Camera Pretend Play Simulation Toy Gift

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    Product description

    Introducing our Wooden Kaleidoscope Camera - a whimsical and educational pretend play toy designed to spark the imagination of your little ones! Crafted from high-quality wood and meticulously engineered for safety and durability, this delightful wooden camera brings a touch of nostalgia and creativity to your child's playtime.

    Key Features:

    1. Kaleidoscope Magic: The star feature of our Wooden Kaleidoscope Camera is its built-in kaleidoscope, providing a mesmerizing visual experience for your child. Watch as vibrant colors and patterns dance before their eyes, fostering a sense of wonder and encouraging visual exploration.

    2. Realistic Design: Modeled after a classic camera, our wooden pretend play toy boasts a pressable shutter button that mimics the real thing, allowing your little photographer to capture imaginary moments with a satisfying click. The detachable viewfinder and lens add an extra layer of realism, inspiring pretend play and creativity.

    3. Premium Wood Construction: We understand the importance of safety and durability when it comes to children's toys. That's why our Wooden Kaleidoscope Camera is crafted from high-quality wood, ensuring a sturdy and long-lasting playtime companion. The smooth, burr-free surfaces guarantee that little hands remain safe during hours of imaginative pretend play exploration.

    4. Carrying Strap Design: The Wooden Kaleidoscope Camera comes complete with a convenient carrying strap. This thoughtful addition allows your child to take their toy on adventures around the house, into the backyard, or on playdates, promoting both mobility and engagement.

    Educational Benefits:

    1. Imagination and Creativity: The Wooden Kaleidoscope Camera encourages imaginative play, helping children develop storytelling skills as they capture make-believe moments and scenarios through the lens of their toy camera.

    2. Motor Skills Development: The pressable shutter button and detachable components promote fine motor skills, enhancing hand-eye coordination as little hands manipulate the camera's features.

    3. Color Exploration: The kaleidoscope feature introduces children to a spectrum of colors, stimulating their visual senses and fostering an early appreciation for art and aesthetics.

    4. Social Interaction: With its portable design, the Wooden Kaleidoscope Camera becomes a shared prop during playdates, encouraging social interaction, cooperative play, and the development of interpersonal skills.

    Invest in your child's development and creativity with our Wooden Kaleidoscope Camera. Not just a pretend play toy, but a gateway to a world of imaginative exploration and learning. Order yours today and watch as your little one embarks on endless adventures through the lens of their very own wooden camera!

    Material: Wood

    Box size: 14.5*14*8cm

    Product size: please refer to image

    Weight: 315g

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    Wooden Kaleidoscope Camera Pretend Play Simulation Toy Gift

    $19.90 SGD
    $18.90 SGD