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    Wooden Mirror Sensory Blocks comes in 5 different shapes

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    Discover a World of Reflection and Imagination with Our Wooden Mirror Sensory Blocks Set

    Introducing our Wooden Mirror Sensory Blocks Set, an enchanting collection of 12 wooden blocks that beckon young explorers to delve into a captivating realm of light, reflection, and imagination. Crafted with care, these blocks are designed to stimulate creativity and sensory awareness, making playtime an enlightening adventure.

    Unleash Creative Curiosity
    Each block in our set is a portal to a world of infinite possibilities. Designed with clear, shatterproof mirrors, these blocks offer young minds a fascinating reflection of their own creativity. As children manipulate the blocks, they can experiment with shapes, angles, and optical illusions, all while engaging their cognitive and sensory development.

    Shapes to Inspire
    Our set comprises five different shapes, each with its own distinctive charm. From squares to triangles, rectangles to cylinders, and more, these blocks allow children to explore the world of geometry and symmetry. The variations in shape and size provide endless opportunities for innovative play.

    Safe and Sturdy Craftsmanship
    We prioritize safety and durability in the creation of our sensory blocks. Crafted from natural wood and equipped with high-quality mirrors, these blocks are built to withstand hours of exploration and play. Rest easy knowing that these blocks are designed to meet the rigorous standards of child safety.

    An Engaging Learning Experience
    With our Wooden Mirror Sensory Blocks Set, learning is an adventure. Children can use these blocks to explore concepts like symmetry, reflection, and light. They're perfect for teaching early mathematics and science principles, all while sparking the flame of creativity.

    The Perfect Gift for Budding Minds
    Whether for parents, teachers, or caregivers, our Wooden Mirror Sensory Blocks Set is an excellent gift choice. Inspire young minds to see the world in a new light – quite literally – and nurture their inquisitive spirits.

    Watch as young explorers embark on a reflective journey of play and learning. Order your Wooden Mirror Sensory Blocks Set today and ignite the imaginative spark within children, one block at a time!

    Material: Wood

    Box size: 26*21*6cm

    Product size: please refer to image

    Weight: 1.1kg

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    Wooden Mirror Sensory Blocks comes in 5 different shapes

    $30.90 SGD
    $25.90 SGD