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    Wooden Role Play Toy, Pretend Play Wash Basin Sink with all accessories

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    Product description

    Elevate your child's imaginative play with our Wooden Pretend Play Toy Wash Basin – the perfect blend of fun and learning in one captivating toy. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this pretend playset is not just a toy; it's an immersive experience that fosters creativity and essential life skills.

    Key Features:

    1. Realistic Design: Our wooden wash basin is designed to mimic a real-life sink with both cold and hot water taps, offering an authentic and engaging play experience. The attention to detail ensures that your child's make-believe world is as close to reality as possible.

    2. Functional Accessories: Dive into the world of make-believe grooming with a variety of accessories, including a cup, toothbrush, shampoo, toothpaste, hair dryer, towel, and comb. Each accessory is carefully crafted to enhance the play experience and stimulate your child's creativity.

    3. Interactive Elements: The inclusion of a towel hanger and mirror adds interactive elements to the set, allowing your little one to engage in role-playing scenarios that promote social skills and self-awareness.

    4. Quality Craftsmanship: Made from high-quality wood, our toy wash basin is not only durable but also safe for play. The smooth finish and sturdy construction ensure long-lasting enjoyment, making it an ideal addition to your child's playroom.

    Educational Benefits:

    1. Imaginative Play: Encourage your child to engage in pretend play scenarios, fostering creativity and imaginative thinking as they take on the roles of caregivers, hairstylists, or even dentists.

    2. Life Skills Development: Through interactive play with the wash basin and accessories, your child develops essential life skills such as personal hygiene routines, responsibility, and organization.

    3. Fine Motor Skills: The small-scale accessories promote the development of fine motor skills as your child grasps, manipulates, and arranges items during play.

    Material: Wood

    Box size: 34*30*10cm

    Product size: please refer to image

    Weight: 2kg


    🎈1 wooden basin, sink with tap, mirror, towel holder and mini shelf

    🎈 1 wooden comb

    🎈1 wooden hair dryer

    🎈1 wooden cup and tooth brush

    🎈1 wooden shampoo

    🎈1 wooden toothpaste

    🎈1 towel

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    Wooden Role Play Toy, Pretend Play Wash Basin Sink with all accessories

    $29.90 SGD
    $27.90 SGD