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    Wooden Sand Writing Kit with Tray. Montessori Learning Toy

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    Unlock your childs creativity and pre-writing skills with our Montessori-inspired Wooden Sand Writing Kit. Let them explore the world of writing, one stroke at a time.

    Introducing our Wooden Sand Writing Kit with Tray, a must-have Montessori toy for your little ones! This sand tray is perfect for introducing pre-writing skills to toddlers and young children while keeping them engaged in a fun sensory activity. The wooden stylus allows for endless creativity and encourages the development of fine motor skills. Not only is this kit educational, but it also adds aesthetic appeal to any playroom or classroom with its natural wood design. Invest in your child's education and imagination with our Wooden Sand Writing Kit today!

    • Enhances prewriting skills and fine motor coordination in children
    • Provides a Montessori inspired sensory experience with the sand tray and wooden stylus
    • Encourages creativity and imagination through writing or drawing on the sand surface
    • Made from high quality wood, ensuring durability for long lasting use as a fun learning tool

    This is a Montessori sand writing tray kit.

    A sand tray is a wonderful way to encourage and develop pre-writing skills. Your child can draw a picture and then shake the tray to start over again, it's fun and economical. Alternatively we have also included a scraper which can be used to spread the sand to restart easily. For younger kids, they can start with finger marking before proceeding to practise writing with the wooden stylus.

    Like finger painting, this is a good way to encourage mark making without the child having to use a tool. Sand is tactile and feels wonderful. A packet of yellow fine sand is included, but you can try getting different colours to make it even more interesting and also to have some contrasting colours.

    All items are made from high quality natural solid wood which is meant for lasting durable play. They are designed with great attention to detail, each smooth, polished and burr-free. 

    Material: Wood

    Product size: Small tray (17.5*17.5*4cm) Big tray (34*24*4cm)

    Weight: 600g (small ) 1.2 kg (big)


    🎈1 wooden tray

    🎈1 bag of fine yellow sand

    🎈1 wooden stylus

    🎈1 wooden scraper

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    Wooden Sand Writing Kit with Tray. Montessori Learning Toy