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    Wooden sensory blocks, liquid with fish, sand with shells or beads with sound

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    Introducing our captivating Wooden Sensory Blocks – the ultimate hands-on, educational playtime experience for children! Crafted from premium wood, these sensory blocks are designed to ignite your child's imagination while promoting early learning.

    There are 3 different set of unique sensory block types, creating endless possibilities for exploration. Dive into the mesmerising Liquid Blocks filled with fish, offering a visual spectacle that kids will love. The Sand Blocks, adorned with colourful sand with shells, provide a tactile adventure through touch and texture. And the Beads Blocks add a delightful auditory dimension with their sound-producing beads.

    These versatile sensory blocks can be stacked just like traditional building blocks, fostering creativity and fine motor skills. When placed on a light table, they come to life in a burst of colours, captivating your child's attention for hours of fun.

    Why choose our Wooden Sensory Blocks?
    - Encourage sensory development: The combination of visual, tactile, and auditory elements stimulates your child's senses, promoting healthy sensory development.
    - Durable and eco-friendly: Crafted from high-quality wood, these blocks are built to withstand hours of play and are eco-conscious.
    - Versatile play: Use them for stacking, sorting, imaginative play, or on a light table to enhance the experience.
    - Vibrant and engaging: These blocks are bursting with color, ensuring hours of captivating, hands-on fun.

    Give your child the gift of exploration, creativity, and sensory discovery with our Wooden Sensory Blocks. Order now and watch their eyes light up with joy!

    Material: Wood
    Box size: 22*20*8cm
    Product size: please refer to image
    Sand, Liquid, Beads Set - 8pc
    Mix Set - 9pc (random mix of sand, liquid and beads) + 6 mirror pc
    Weight: 1.4kg

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    Wooden sensory blocks, liquid with fish, sand with shells or beads with sound